I broke my first bone and got my first cast!

There’s a first time for everything I guess. Aside from a pinky toe, which I don’t really think counts, I’ve never broken a bone. Now I have a broken¬†foot, and my first ever cast and crutches. After a great time tubing on a¬†river, the klutz that I am slipped on the river bank. I thought I just rolled my ankle like I’ve done dozens of … Continue reading I broke my first bone and got my first cast!

I’m back at Elephant Nature Park!

Back at ENP for a 6th week. Baby Dokrak is getting big. The park is still beautiful. When I said hi to Memphis, the dog, he licked my face. I think he remembers me.  In case you’re wondering, seeing elephants does not get less exciting. They’re still magnificent and fascinating.  I watched a beautiful sunrise on the first morning. Now that the rainy season is … Continue reading I’m back at Elephant Nature Park!

Sunset and Why I Love History

Written from the ancient steps of an ancient temple, while watching the steady flow of people and waiting for the sun to set. There was a really cheesy Nia Vardalous rom com called My Life in Ruins. She plays a tour guide in Greece. The movie isn’t amazing, but there’s a part I’ve always liked. When she’s standing with her tour group at the Acropolis … Continue reading Sunset and Why I Love History

Angkor Wat

There’s a bar in Siem Reap called Angkor What? bar. Pause for laughter. Siem Reap has become a busy tourism hub mostly due to the Angkor Archaeological complex. Fun fact: Angkor Wat is just one temple in a huge complex of hundreds of temples. It’s a humungous temple though. Anyone who knows me knows that I love history, especially visiting history. I love exploring ruins … Continue reading Angkor Wat

Pattaya for the Weekend

Pattaya is 2 hours from Bangkok by bus, making it a convenient weekend beach destination. There is literally no other reason to go there. It’s not a pretty city and it’s not a beach worth traveling out of your way for. Pattaya seems to be really popular with Russian tourists. It’s interesting how some places just attract certain people more than others. So many Russian … Continue reading Pattaya for the Weekend